A couple of weeks' back I was given a bag full of craft cotton. My friend who bought it thought that it was the same as normal cotton yarn and didn't realise that it is much tougher to knit or crochet with. So I ended up with it instead. I don't mind it being tough, but the natural cotton colour has discouraged me from doing anything with it. Drawing some inspiration from African patterns and the retro-looking doily that I made for my friend's wedding, I came up with this mat. It's funny how a little bit of colour makes such a difference to something that otherwise would just have blended into the background.  


aprilios said...


Mendruga said...

Love it! :D

Theo said...

Thanks aprilios and Mendruga I'm glad that both of you like it.

wood & wool stool said...

lovely natural retro colors

Mansie said...

I like it to! The last photo has something of one of the sculs :-)

Lisa Vinci said...

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