Elderflower trees are absolutely everywhere in Oxford and I mean everywhere - in the parks, in people's gardens, along the roads. I went to one of the nature reserves to pick the elderflowers I've used to make this summer cordial. 

Elderflower Cordial is one of those things that are so simple to make and taste so awesome. I have become a bit inspired. I think I will try my hand at some Elderflower Champagne next - if you have ever done it let me know what your result was. Did your bottle explode? Was it fizzy enough? Did it taste nice/awful? Any feedback appreciated. :) 


Mansie said...

A friend of mine always experiments with all sorts of 'nature things'. She makes the most wonderful dishes and beverages!
Luckily, I never heard her mentioning exloding bottles ;-)

trouble said...

That sounds so fun! i would love to have elderflower growing wild to cut. there is a drink at a bar in brooklyn that's called the white bicycle: prosecco with a dash of elderflower liquer. that was my introduction to elderflower and I am now hooked!

Theo said...

Hi Mansie - my grandfather did the nature thing as well and he had some accidents with making wine from berries. I haven't tried it myself yet so I wouldn't know. :)

Hi Trouble I'm lucky - they are everywhere in Oxford! What a nice introduction you had to the taste of elderflower. I think I will have to make a White Bicycle for myself...preferably sooner rather than later. :)