Mixed bag of pictures from Sweden when I was visiting last. My mother is having a well deserved rest reading one of my grand-mothers old magazines from the 1960s.


Fine Little Day said...

Theo, hej. Tusen tack för den otroligt snygga plånboken! Och vad kul att hitta hit. Gillar vad jag ser här, inte minst den här bilden.

Blogginlägg om dig, plånboken kommer upp!

Anonymous said...

Hej finaste brorsan! Vilka fina bilder du har lagt upp. Ekorrarna var superfina! Puss/ Lowa

Pat said...

Wonderful photos! I can almost feel the weather and smell the trees.

Alexandra said...

Love your mum's style. (hello as well)

(hee... the word verification for posting this comment is 'fulaphoo') is it just me or is that a really cute word?

Theo said...

Alexandra my mother read your comment and loved that someone appreciate here style! We were moving house at the time and it was incredibly warm.