When I went to Stockholm last weekend it seemed like the city was full of love: My friend Anna got married to Kristofer. They got married in Stadshuset and afterwards had an amazing wedding celebration. While in Stockholm I stayed with my parents who are clearly still as in love as when they met 35 years ago. I had a lovely time and anybody that says that Swedes are cold needs to go to Stockholm. Preferably during Summer or Autumn.


Anonymous said...

You parents look so cool!

Lovisa said...

Haha, vilken liten värld det är - jag känner också Anna, även om jag inte var på bröllopet.

Sissel said...

Sikke nogle dejlige billeder, jeg nyder den måde du fanger verden på.

Mansie said...


Theo said...

Claire my parents are too cool for school. Ironic. As my dad is a teacher!

Lovisa Vad kul. Som sagt världen är liten. Vad bra att du fick se lite snapshots från deras bröllop.

Sissel That is a very nice thing to say. I'm pleased you like my photos.

Mansie Duper!

Mansie said...

Maybe an idea?


Mansie said...

Are you ok Theo?
Best wishes for 2014!

Theo said...

Yes I'm all dandy Mansie. Moving house at the moment so lots to do.

The same!!

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