It has been a while since I went out treasure hunting, but this week I was able to find a real treasure - a vintage tie - all the way from California. 

The lovely bookmarks are from the back room of an old paper shop in Sweden and are from the 1940s.  The beautiful book (Yoga Erotica) that I'm reading which is more yoga than erotica was given to me by my book-agent. If you know some Swedish and want to find out more then drop by the authors' own website.   


Mansie said...

I love your humour, Mr Dandy :-)
The log fire-tie is perfect with the bear-hat (called in your Dutch book 'IJsberenmuts', Ice bear-hat).
I find yoga very healthy for body and mind, doing it for already thirty years (a life-time flies). And in combination with Erotic, seems perfect to me. It’s a beautiful bound book with very nice photo’s showing average people (not perfect models)!
Crochet is very tranquil as well. In spite of my previous comment, is my bear-hat almost done. Will sent you some pictures in due course…

Mansie said...

Hello Theo,
All is well, I hope?
Where to can I mail you some photo's of my bear-hat?
Today snow in The Netherlands and all is white, perfect weather for wearing a warm crochet-hat!

Theo said...

Hello Mansie
Sorry for the late reply - I'm getting a bit lazy aren't I! I'm glad that you are a fellow-yoga-enthusiast and I agree that crocheting has similarities in its tranquil effect.

You can contact me on the following email:
crochetbloke(at)gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing your work.

ameskeria said...

superawesome tie! you're going to look so fancy with it :)

Theo said...

Like a fancy lumberjack! That is my plan at least. :)

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