It is about that time when the wind changes, new things are on the horizon and things look more optimistic. They call it autumn and I love it. It is the season for new starts - most of us have had our holidays and are geared up to get cracking on with our lives.

It's the season when we change from using light cottons to nice soft wool that will keep us warm during the winter. I must confess that I have become such a wool snob recently - only the finest wool is good enough. Out are all the horribly itchy wools and plastics and in are posh wools with hefty price tags. It's worth it, I keep telling myself, because it does feel nicer when working with those fibres.    

I love the autumn and I'm eagerly awaiting the cavalcade of colour that is to come. Bring it on.  


aprilios said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the red current photo... Bravo!

MillyMist said...

Autumn is my favorite season of year, especially the month October.
Lovely pictures and lovely yarn.
One thing I love aswell, expensive and exclusive wool!

Looking forward to see your autumn handworks.

- MillĂ˝

Finurligefinesser said...

Wow great photos!! I just hope that autumn is a little longer away.....it is still quite nice and warm here in DK

PUK said...

Lovely pictures that makes autumn look good. Normally, I'm not so fond of that season. Wool is great, but cold weather, rain and stormy weather isn't.

By the way, Theo, are you going here:

I would LOVE to go there... You're lucky to live near London, so I thought you might want to go there?


Theo said...

Thanks Aprilos and MillyMist, I will put up some more project and cool photos now that we are coming into the colder season.

Finurligefinesser it is nicer with a warm autumn rather than an wet one but there is no denying it - when september hits we are officially in Autumn. :)

PUK I hadn't seen it so thank you. It looks very cool and might pop over to London over those days. Thanks for the tip. :)

Isa said...

I love your pictures... beautiful...
I love autumm... Always it is a new beginning... kiss

Theo said...

Autumn is awesome - with all its colours and all the food that is ready to be eaten. Thanks for your kind comment.