Nice ride.

I have been making elderflower cordial like my nan (father's side) used to do. Nothing is as refreshing as a cold glass of elderflower cordial on a warm summers day. I also made a grown up version with a splash of white rum which I'm sure my nan would have approved of. No drinking and driving though. 


Yoko said...

Lovely pics! Funny: I posted my favorite recepie of elderflower cordial with this exact pic of glass with elderflower and lemon topping without seeing it, saw it now though! Funny...like deja vu!

Theo said...

Great minds think alike, Annika. Elderflower cordial is a must on any summer day. :)

Anonymous said...

Elderflower cordial is lovely - and in the winter you can turn it in to glögg! Some real vanilla and cinnamon does wonders when you let it stand.

Theo said...

Mmh, sound gorgeous.

Thanks for the tip anonymous.