Being bored is a good thing. 

It's funny how creativity is such an elusive thing. I started this morning being very energetic and worked steadily but come midday - crash. I didn't feel very inspired at all. One could even go so far as to say that I was bored.

I do have brief periods when I'm very creative. I get loads done, but then to be able to deal with all the creative ideas that keep flying through my mind my brain says:
- No mate. You're bored.
Wham! There goes my whole afternoon. It's quite clear: just like a battery, my brain needs to recharge and I do so by lying on my bed eating popcorn, listening to a brilliant audio book, and surfing the intra web.

Cool new things that I have learnt this afternoon:
Brazil's national cocktail is the Caipirinha. I did not know that.
Quite clearly Australians have the best thrift stores. If you need proof, just jump over to Bungalow Bliss.
There are too many things on Convoy that I want but my brain keeps telling me that I need.
The afternoon is gone, but the best thing is that when I go back to working I can look at things with fresh eyes. See - there is nothing wrong with being bored.


Bungalowgirl said...

Haha! Thanks Theo for the link. Would you believe I am still sorting through the mess of our office and when I do, there is a crochet pattern in there with your name on it. melx

Lina said...

Ithink, everyone knows that feeling! Sometimes its really good to be bored, so you can relax for a while and then start with new energy. :)
And you are right with caipirinha, just so you know: Feijoada is the national dish and it is delicious!!

Theo said...

Hi Melx no worries.

I am off to see if I can find any nice finds hear in Oxford. Surely the good stuff is not all on the other side of the globe.

Lina, have not tried Feijoada but I now I know I have to. Good to know that you are like me and revel in being bored. :)

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