Every time I'm in Sweden I have to have one of these babies from the local cafe. They always make me laugh and they are soooooo good. 

On Sunday I'm going to talk crocheting and other things on Swedish night radio. The show is called Vaken which means Awake! So if you want to hear my "croaky" voice then tune in around midnight. There is going to be a quick crochet lesson which I don't know how I will manage. Live crocheting on the radio - it is going to catch on! 


Isa said...

It is a pity be so far and to not hear your voice on the radio.
Your might burn a little bit and put it here;)

Unknown said...

So funny buddies ;) and hope your session was so cool :)

Theo said...

Hi Isa. I have uploaded the program in the post above. :)

Christelle, I had a blast being interviewed, the host were very nice and they really wanted to learn how to crochet.