Love and Marriage

I got a marriage proposal the other day in my comment bar by the lovely Neasa so I thought it would be fitting to share this book with you all. The reason why I bought it had more to do with the book design than the subject matter. Having said that it is a fascinating read. Especially the chapter on sex before marriage - none of that if you please. The urges have to be "controlled" and the person that can't do that would be "a pitiable object in our highly organized society". 

The whole book is so patronizing and sexist there are few words to describe it, but I have learnt something. If you are gonna have any chance at marriage with me Neasa you better be neatly but not loudly dressed. Because apparently that's what really counts.


Neasa said...

Dear Theo,

I feel it was slightly inappropriate for a 'young lady' to be propopsing to a gentleman, after all it is not even a leap year .... but wait until next year 'young man'. However, I am a well turned out young lady and if that's all it takes, then well,... .

I'll have to get the husand I am already betrothed to for permission!!



Bungalowgirl said...

Goodness, love to know what the book would make of a nose ring and a tattoo?
Love the peas and carrot paper/fabric by the way. Also, I am still sending you a pattern. I just kind of misplaced it in my really messy office! melx

Theo said...

David R Mace would not have liked that women proposed, nor gaudy tattoos or piercings. I keep laughing when reading the book because it is so horrific and I feel so sorry for the youth of that day that had to be guided by such a horrible book.

I think your safer of with your betrothed Nessa. Lets face it - a marriage can't be built on cake alone. :)

Missus D said...

Hilarious! But as always nice girls always like bad boys and nice boys always look at sexy girls....they don't usually meet each other.

Theo said...

I think David R Mace would argue that we should look for a good girl or boy - and leave the trollops and ragamuffins out of the equation all together. But as you point out its not that easy.

I guess it's all relative - someones trollop/ragamuffin is somebody else's princess/prince.