Squirrel tales

Last summer outside my parents house in Bergslagen we had a family of red squirrels dancing around in the old elm tree. Reminded me when I bought this classic book. 

Yes I did check if all of them still had their tails left. 


Makeminemidcentury said...

My goodness, they're red! Aren't they?

I used to love Beatrix Potter stories and thought they were all so magical!

Theo said...

They are very red. The only kind you will spot in Sweden at the moment.

The grey squirrel have not emigrated over the Atlantic...yet.

Jessica said...

I truly thought these were make believe creatures. I'll have my eyes in the trees when I return to Sweden dear!

she. said...

I have a huge black squirrel living in my backyard, who eats all the bird food, not only that he taunts the cats.

Theo said...

Thats doesn't sound to nice. These ones want be cocky enough to try their luck with a cat - they would lose.