Jaymar Disney Map

I have been in love with Mary Blair's art direction since I saw Disney's Alice in Wonderland as little, so when I found this puzzle in the local thrift store I had to have it.

I have no excuse not to know all the US states now.


S. said...

..and Canada ! The country of Bambi and his striped squirrel friend. (I saw one crossing the path in the forest and that is exactly what i thought : where is Bambi ?? then tons of mosquitos attacked us so we had to run and at this point magic was gone i must say...)

Nice find Theo !

Theo said...

Disneys version of nature is often a little bit nicer than reality. Having said that Bambi did loos his mother to a hunter - Im sure horrible things like that doesn't happen in Canada were mounties can talk to Mickey Mouse.

Cara Edwards said...

ah this is wonderful! such a good op shop find, you should be proud of your hunting skills. i love these illustrations too :)

Theo said...

Hi Cara glad you like the puzzle and thanks for the complements on my hunting skills.

This pray was easy to take down with a deadly shot of a pound coin. Bang! and it was mine.

I have not stuffed it but I have mounted it on my wall.