Basically I'm still just a big kid. I bought this circus for one my nieces this Christmas and I'm still a bit  jealous. It is just such a cool toy-box. The french people over at Janod knows what they are doing - getting the grown-ups hooked first. 


Tyg och otyg said...

Åh, vilken fin, fin cirkus! Om du får besök av barn ibland kanske du kan skaffa en egen, så att de har något att leka med? (Och däremellan kan du leka med den själv, förstås!)

ameskeria said...

superawesome! I wouldn't be able to give it away. You are a good uncle :)

Anonymous said...

In my view, is maintaining a partly childlike look at life a blessing and great for creativity.
Greetings from a blue skied Netherland :-)

Theo said...

Tyg och Otyg - vilken smart idé! Det ska jag tänka på med framtida leksaks inköp.

Ameskeria: It was hard but I did succeed in giving it away. They better be nice to me when I'm old and grey! :)

Harry: I agree it is all about the childlike look at life. Otherwise everything would be terribly boring. Greetings from a grey skied England.

Anneris said...

I love it!! It's soo original.
I like your blog..

Theo said...

Thanks Anneris, what a nice thing to say.