I have come down with a cold - in the middle of summer! So I have been drinking freshly squeezed orange juice to get the lurgies out. Come on, vitamin C, work your magic and build up that immune system.

The poster of food from all over the world is a marketing freebie from Afro Art in Stockholm. I love the colours, so it went up on my larder door. This way I can also joke about having guinea pigs in my larder - apparently the Ecuadorians do.

I have found the coolest kitchenalia ever. An apple-corer that turns into an apple-peeler. It's like a "Transformer" toy but for grown-ups. Bring on the apples.     


Tyg och otyg said...

Ett walk in-skafferi! Fattar du hur svårt avundsjuk jag blir? Vill ha!

PUK said...

Such a cool poster! Couldn't find it in their webshop though... Found a lot of other cool stuff that i pinned to my wishlist on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing the link.

Theo said...

Tyg och otyg Ja så avundsjuk behöver du inte vara man kan inte gå in i den eftersom den nedersta hyllan är en kalksten-hylla. Men jag vet att jag har tur att hitta ett sådant trevligt kök.

PUK The poster is awesome, right. The reason it is not in the web-shop is because it is free. You can just pick one up next time your are in the shop and it won't cost you a thing. :)

PUK said...

"the next time I'm in the shop..." sounds so easy:) But it's a long way to Stockholm from Copenhagen, so I don't think I'll be stopping by. Would love to see Stockholm though!

I hope you're better now:)