COSMETIC SURGERY: It has been a very busy week the main event being that the roof has come off the house. It's on purpose. The roof didn't just decide to come off. It needed some new batons and tiles so that it can still function as a roof.

ACORN ANYONE? Found this random gadget in an old-fashioned homeware store. Asked the lady what it is for and she told me it was for those string-light-switches. What a clever idea.   

TREASURE HUNTING: I didn't stop shopping there. It has been a while since I went treasure hunting. I picked up this lovely hooded lady by Jean-Jacque Henner.  A wall-clock with big letters because now that I'm 30 I should look after my eyes. Plundered some retro glasses + jug for the cocktail bar.  

SELF-CENTERED: Then I had a vain moment. Alright, we all have them now and again. Maybe I have them a little too often. Gosh, I look smug. 

CROCHET: I have been watching too much Mad Men lately. I think all my crocheting is becoming very 60's inspired.


Anonymous said...

Åh, kannan är den Swedish Grace? Tror jag har samma tavla för övrigt... Kommer du till Sverige något i sommar. Saknar dig. Kram W

Unknown said...

What an intense week! Mine was super exhausting but I haven't got any shots :(
Really love your new crochet doily, it's a combination 60's/today. Great colors ;)

Mendruga said...

Great combination blue and green.
Good day!

Theo said...

Tjena W, det är där jag har sett den (tavlan). Swedish Grace "Svenskt behag/älskvärdhet"... blir ganska roligt när man översätter det. Jovisst är det det.

Christelle, your comment made me smile. Make sure to relax. That is the best antidote to busy weeks...that and long baths. :)

Mendruga - thanks. Personally I like the blue and the green - all my clothes seem to be in those colours too.

Yoko said...

Love your fringe! Finally a glimpse of the man behind the patterns!

Theo said...

Ah, Annika you make me blush! :P