I have not had a proper crochet project for such a long time. But now I've finally started one. I know it doesn't look like one yet, but it is a doormat. I found the jute twine in a cool shop here in Oxford called Objects of Use

The company producing the twine is Nutscene which is a Scottish company that has produced garden twine since 1922. They have a really nice coloured twine selection as well. Mm mm more doormats. 


Unknown said...

I am a interested reader of your blog. I have mentioned you in my last update on my blog. You are on my list on liebsterblogaward.. As the onely man I must say ;-) happy creative week!!

Mendruga said...

Oh yes! Very cool shop. Fantastic objects. Good look in a new project.
Im sure it will be nice!
:)(I m speak like a indian because my English is horrible)

ameskeria said...

I get some twine some weeks ago and I did not kwon what to do with it.... until now!! such a cool project! thanks for the idea Theo! It's brilliant :)

Theo said...

Thank you Linda for adding me on your Liebster Blog list. I am very proud to be the only man on the list. :)

Mendruga I understood everything and that is the main point. Long sentences are so overrated! Thanks for the nice comments.

Ameskeria I definitely want to see your mat when you have finished it. Exciting, it's going to be like a "crochet-off"...all I will say is BRING IT!

Isa said...

Beautiful idea... i want to see the result!... you're too in my liebster blog!