I haven't uploaded any of my project for a while. I promise I haven't stopped crocheting because I have finished the book. I took some inspiration from one of my grandmothers old potholders. I think it will become a bath mat but seeing it on the table it would work as a tablecloth. I  just have to make it a teeny bit bigger. 

Found the cup and saucer at a flea market. They are apparently dime a dozen over hear in the UK, mass produced by Barker Bros in the 60s up to the 80s, but I love the midcentury print.


Unknown said...

White & Red, an effective choice!
And lovely find ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Will your book be available in the UK?

Theo said...

Thanks Christelle. You don't think it looks too much like a circus tent? Good that you like the cup and saucer. I am very pleased with it myself.

Hi Anonymous - sounds very secretive. Hopefully I will get the book into British bookshops as well but I have to translate it first! If I'm lucky maybe this autumn? Good to know that there is interest though.