I found these 70s curtains in the mud outside a run down house that was being renovated. I asked the builders if I could have them - seeing that they were just lying on the dirty ground - and they said: "Yeay, yeay, you have'm mate. Its funny these things are back in fashion are'nt they?"

I like em and they fit my windows like a glove.


Makeminemidcentury said...


What's wrong with civilisation? I use the term 'civilisation' loosely of course, no one 'civilised' would throw things of beauty IN THE MUD!! At least builders are on-trend and recognise what's hot.

kit and nancy. said...

oh my! i'm in love. they are fantastic, and then some.

Theo said...

Don't be deceived by the exterior - builders know exactly what is hot and not. Even though they throw it in the mud.

Welcome kit and nancy - I had a quick look at your blog - there are so many things you got that I want. Jealous.

Jo said...

Oh so nice!! Great find and rescue!