I saw this cool mushroom outside a retirement home one or two months ago. I was planning on making a couple of crochet mushroom myself and sneak over and plant them - so that the person that owned the garden would think they had multiplied.

Last time I walked past the knitted mushroom nor the flowerbed was there - instead there was a slab of concrete covering the tiny little garden. I think that the creative knitter has moved out. :(


Makeminemidcentury said...

Oh, that'd be sad if the knitter has moved on.

I like the creative anarchy that would occur if you'd added more knitted mushrooms. There's a lot of humour in that idea.

Jessica said...

A potted garden then?

Theo said...

I thought it was such a cool idea though. Who ever it was that came up with the idea I hope they are still being very crafty.