I thought I was being clever but alas I was wrong

I swim laps every second day and I bought these tiki inspired swimming trunks in the sale, to replace my old faded trunks. I could see that they were too big but thrifty me thought, I can shorten the legs, and as you can see I did. Well done Theo! 

I have just got back from the pool and the length was perfect but every time I pushed out from the side of the pool my bum was on display for the whole pool to see. Mooning your fellow lane partners is not a very nice thing to do so I quickly decided backstroke would be the best option for the rest of swim. 

Note to self, just buy the right size next time.


Anonymous said...

... you still have the prettiest sewing machine I've ever seen :)

alessandra said...

:D nice trunks though!

Theo said...

Yeah they are both alright, and my bum is not that bad. Could be worse. :)