The Cowboy Encyclopedia


Makeminemidcentury said...


I think I saw a sneak of this book under your bow ties the other day.

I have a six-year-old son whom I think would love to be your friend - based on the bow ties and cowboy book alone.

And he has a brother called 'Theo'. But that Theo isn't into bow ties.

Theo said...

You did in deed, I was reading it last Sunday. Brilliant book. I now know how to brand a cow and how to secure a horse to a tree properly. Don't think I will ever have to use that knowledge but its good to know.

I wasn't in to bow ties either when I was younger I'm sure that your Theo will grow into them later on.

ameskeria said...

Now you have to crochet a cowboy hat that matches with your great bows and start to practice with the dogs of your neighborhood!

Pascale said...

So, are you a real cow-boy, now ?

Theo said...

Well I wouldn't say that I'm a real cowboy. Especially as there are no cows were I am but I can always aspire to it.

A cowboy hat is something I should write down in my book of things to crochet. But Ameskeria I think that my neighbors would take out a restraining order against me if I started branding their dogs. :S