Tatting box

Best thrift store buy in a while. Lots of tatting wool, buttons and tatting.... hm what are they called? Looks like little boats to me. Shuttles? 

Don't need the lingerie guard but thought it was a nice touch. Who knows maybe someone has been tatting lace for her lingerie.


S. said...

Exactly, 'shuttles'. :)

Great find, Theo :)

Makeminemidcentury said...

Gee, you're funny. (That reads sarcastically, but I'm being genuine).

Yours is one of the best blogs I know ... and I can't crochet to save myself.

alessandra said...

What a lucky boy you are! great finding, it also reminds me my kinder garden lunch box, mine was pink and my brother had a blue one. The blue one then was used for many years as a box to store all the stuff you need to clean the shoes.
Thank you for the comment you left at mine...although excuse my ignorance I don't know the meaning of
"auzume" but I'm sure is a nice thing : )
have a nice weekend

Bungalowgirl said...

Goodness is that orange plastic cleverly molded to look just like wicker cane? Incredible find you lucky duck. What are the shuttle boats for? threading elastic on the knickers perhaps. Mel:)

Theo said...

Séverien, good to know that I was right about their names - but the boy in me likes imagining them as little boats.:)

Thank you Make mine Mid... you can't give me a bigger complement. Totally blushing (not sarcastically).

la casista glad that it reminded you of your childhood, I am very shuffed about my find, hence why I uploaded it on the same day as purchase. I tried to be a cool kid and spell awesome like they sometimes do in the states auzume, but it clearly backfired, sorry. :(

Mel, ah you made me laugh so hard, here I am picturing who ever owned the box before me making nice sexy lace for her underwear and then you give me an image of a person threading elastic onto a pair of old knickers instead. The contrast couldn't be bigger. I will upload some spread from an old tatting booklet next week but I think it is basically that you knot lace with the shuttles/boats help.

Pascale said...

Great found. First photo is so funny, love it !

Theo said...

Glad you liked it Pascale

alessandra said...

Theo, no worries...maybe you invented a new word!
Your finding is auzume ; )