Manhole cover mat

I used double crochet and granite stitch to make up this manhole cover inspired toilet mat. The string I got from the local stationary shop > bargain! 


Bungalowgirl said...

That is so inspired! Love how you really appreciate the details in everything you see- reminds me of my son age 5. He has a real eye for pattern and texture and finds me "treasures" everywhere we go. Seems too wonderful to be a bath mat, perhaps a cover for scones so the flies don't land on them? That's if you have uncivilized creatures like flies in Oxford.

Theo said...

Thank you Bungalowgirl. You'r very lucky to have someone finding you treasures everywhere - he must know that inspiration is always around the corner.

We do have flies but not that many that it warrants covering our scones. Having said that I saw an old booklet on how to embroider fly swatters!! It was really twisted - having cute designs of bunnies and strawberries on something that brings death to flies. Maybe that will be my next project, crocheting a fly swatter!

ameskeria said...

great! thanksd for sharing :)