Needlewoman no 88

I have never been any good with needle nor tread but I still find old magazines like these inspiring. The hours of work involved putting it all together.

Been working hard on a free crochet pattern which I am going to post shortly...famous last words. :S


heather said...

nice new banner!

ameskeria said...

where the hell do you get such a nice old stuff??
I like the banner too!

Bungalowgirl said...

These old creative booklets are great aren't they? From a time before tv where we would have spent hours every evening creating. Love that scooter by the way- maybe a Vespa? She has lovely curves- Legoman and I share a vespa - we are avid scooter fans.

Theo said...

Heather glad you like the redesign of the site. :) Have been working hard on it.

Ameskeria I get most of the stuff that I post from charity shops for nothing. Most people are not interested in old tatty things like these - silly fools!

Bungalowgirl I share yours and Legoman's appreciation for scooters, love to own a vintage vespa like that. Ah one day maybe.