I turned one year older last week and here are some of the presents I received from family and friends. The hat is made by my very talented younger sister and the beautiful woodcut card is by Ana.

Got a new mobile as well and it was so shiny and new I had to make a "mobile sock" for it. Don't know how long it will stay on - I'm bad at keeping things as they are - but at least I made one.


Séverine said...

Happy birthday ! :)

ameskeria said...

happy bday!! lovely gifts you received :)

dash robin said...

Such gorgeous photos...I love the shot of your mum reading, several posts back. Your photos are beautiful, very quiet if that makes sense? Nice to see a bloke practicing crochet too...I will show your work to my little
son who wants to learn too- he already is very crafty, and likes 'stitchy pictures' (he won't call it embroidery!) maybe one day he'll have a 'stitch bloke' blog? Thanks for making me smile!

Theo said...

Thanks you for the congrats and the nice comments.

Dash Robin I think that 'stitchy picture' is a brilliant description. I am def going to use in when describing embroidered work in the future.

Here is a link to some cross stitch patterns that you and your son might like: Fuldesign
Lots of skulls but my favorite is Michael Jacksons feet.