Knitting from Norrbotten - Gloves, Socks and Hats

Amazing patterns from a book I found in Sweden when I was last over.

Love that there are some men featured in the book!


S. said...

Love that too,
And he is wearing his self made hat so well,
Great patterns,
Bonne journée, Theo. :)

Jessica said...

What great patterns =)

I especially like the lovikkavantar. Will you make some? A man in a yarn shop talked me into knitting a pair when I first moved to Sweden - they were very tricky but I kept unravelling until they were perfect. They were only a single colour though. I think you are a very brave and clever soul if you make these!

Jessica said...

Whoops - I misspelled my url. It is Jessica from honeymoonchild.com =)

Paz López said...

Oh just lovely! I want those gloves! I wish I could knit more than a plain scarf :-D