Treble (UK) / Double Crochet (US) / Stolpe (SWE)

You will start off the same as with the half treble. Thread over, insert hook into fourth chain from the hook, thread over and draw through the loops, you will now have 3 loops on your hook.

But instead of taking thread over and drawing through all 3 loops as with half treble, you will just draw through the first 2 loops.

When you have done that there will still be 2 loops on the hook.

Finnish of the treble with thread over and through. 

Repeat until end of the row.

At the end of the row 3 chain and turn.

This time the 3 chains counts as a stitch of the next row. Continue to the end.

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Neasa said...

Hello to you Crochet Bloke,

Thank-you for the step by step instructions. I, at the age of 33, am still an unacomplished crocheter but try and try I do! THANK-YOU!!
Love your blod it's fab!