I have loads of craft cotton left! And what shall I do with it all? This seemed to be the best way of using it. Bombay is a heavy tea towel that can withstand the heat from a hot pan, straight from the oven, as well as being soft enough to dry one's hands on. This is the towel for every kitchen fanatic. I personally love the fact that I don't have to get the old oven-glove out every time I need to check what is going on in the oven. 

It is made using a simple double/single crochet (UK/US) pattern and it is funny what a bit of colour can do.  


dane said...

c' est fais je t' ai mis dans ma liste tu es dans blogs étranger je vais aussi m' inscrire a ta news tu peux faire de même pour si tu veux a bientôt, je vais donner ton lien a une amie careli c' est le nom de son blog aussi , bonne journée

Theo said...

Bonjour Dane my French is quite poor but I'm grateful that you have put me on your bloglist. I hope you have a bonne journée! :)

Unknown said...

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