I have made a couple of xmas sweet packs as gifts this season. 

The packs contains:
1, Farmors salta kolor (Grans Salty Toffe)
2, Marzipan a la Theo (has orange peal and brandy in them). My own quick creation.
3, Mintkyssar (Mint Kisses)

It was fun going all Jackson Pollock on the Mint Kisses...without all the adultery and boozing that is.


Makeminemidcentury said...

You are so funny ... even without booze, you're funny.

Unknown said...

Why am I not your friend to receive such a package?!!!


love the design above

ameskeria said...

Yes, I'm with Christelle! I want one of these! :)

Theo said...

Well with the booze I am an absolute riot.

Sadly I don't think these packages would last the way to France or Spain - there are many a hungry postmen out there you know. Plus the confections are all gone. I promise it wasn't me who ate them all....