I am working on the last project in the book and it is a big one. A full-blown sweater. After that I am able to start putting everything together and give you a peek at the book.

Oh, the wool is Rowan Revive in marble - if you were wondering. I normally go for secondhand wool I have found but at least this wool is recycled. 


Neasa said...

Love the road work tent.... good luck with the jumper Theo : )))

S. said...

can't wait to see your work Theo, it's always so perfectly done :)

Theo said...

So did I Neasa. There was a guy in it doe, so had to sneak around the corner to take the shot. Would be cool to have one of those in the garden.

Séverine your such a charmer. :)

ameskeria said...

ooooooooh I love the shining hooks :)

good luck with the jumper! it looks like a lot of work.

(much fun with your last comment)

Unknown said...

I wrote a comment and it wasn't there, ffffffff internet..........
So, I said I love the point you used to realise your cardigan and the color too.
And I want to see your book, yes!

Cross fingers ;)

Theo said...

Thank you Chriestelle - the internet is like that - takes all your words away.

The stitch is called Wattle stitch and is so simple. Like the effect it gives as well.

The book is coming along and soon I will upload the cover.