I had a small spring cleaning session yesterday and went through my stash. I don't think I need to buy any more wool....ever. Still, not as bad as my grandmother - she had a small outhouse, which is probably as big as my room - full of.... that's right: wool. 

On a positive note I have finished all the projects for the book which means I've only got to get it designed and ready for print. 

Proud of my oven pancake - a little bit like toad in the hole without the sausages - and meant to be eaten with lingonberry jam.


alessandra said...

those basket with the elephants print are so cute. I use a big old suitcase to store my wool and I keep buying wool as if I can knit for 3 lives!

Theo said...

wool is def a narcotic. its good to have when inspiration strikes though.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Love your window plants. Hope they're doing well.

You inspired me to make an oven pancake. I read your post about 30 minutes ago, pulled out the trusty Moomin recipe book, and it's in the oven now!

No one will eat it except me, so you'd better come over and help polish it off. PS Bring some Scandinavian crockery.

Theo said...

Succulent seem to be the only plants that I can manage at the moment. Easy plants...famous last words. :S

I bet you and Moomin mama makes a mean ovenpancake. I'm def up for some pancakes next time I am over in Australia. I will bring some scandinavian crockery - I have got far to much.

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