Stockholm in the snow

The above print is from the Moomin exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm and illustrated 
by Joel Sandelius. He has designed a lot of other cool stuff so have a look at his blog. 

Been working on a bow-tie for more formal as well as informal occasions. 


Jessica said...

You have made me so homesick!

p.s. I adore the bow-tie.

Paz López said...

Love the photos, and the bow-tie. Good idea!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Your photos are just superb!

I have a six-year-old dandy who'd love that bow tie! He wears his with t-shirts. Yours is quite delightful.

Theo said...

Great that you all liked the bow-tie!

Well I have a 59-year-old dandy (my father) who loved it so much that I had to leave it in Sweden. Will make a few more though.