The 2010 Collection of curious things

Another year has ended and I have been looking at some of the different projects that I have finished this last year - it amount to quite a lot. Having said that there are quite a lot of half started/finished projects that I have not had the time to complete. Time flies, especially if you have lots of different jobs that occupies a lot of your time like me. Plans for the new year is to finnish the book that I am working on and moving on to greener pastures....? :) Watch this space.


Jessica said...

Book...?! You're not moving to Sweden by any chance, dear?

Love your work. x

Theo said...

Have been working on a crochet book for the last 6 months and it is finally beginning to take shape.

Sweden is lovely but I think I will stay in the UK. Perhaps a new city though, Edinburgh or London... ah the possibilities.


Deanna said...

Was thinking of decorating an old brass birdcage & stand for Christmas. Since I'm "between birds" at the moment, a plastic parakeet occupies the perch. Lo! There was your tomten pattern which inspired me to crochet the little hat and put it on the bird. So cute! It was a barrel of laughs. I'm new to your blog & looking forward to trying your other projects.

Theo said...

Hi Deanna I am glad that you were inspired by the Tomten pattern to find a solution that worked for you. That is how it should be! I'm sure that your birdcage looked very festive and that your plastic parakeet was very chuffed to have a hat.