Christmas came early this year for me. Just like Santa my lovely Dutch publisher Librero sent me a parcel with a few copies of the Dutch version of Crochet for Men. I'm so happy. I can't understand a word and at the same time I can...as it was me who wrote the book.

Thanks again to all the lovely people at Librero!  


Tyg och otyg said...

Cool julklapp!
Hoppas att du får en riktigt god jul!

Isa said...

woowwwww felicidades!!!!
merry merry christmas for you!

Theo said...

Det samma till dig Tyg och otyg, hoppas att du har haft en trevlig jul.

Merry Xmas Isa!

Anonymous said...

Åh vad grymt. Julen var lika fantastisk för mig då jag fick din bok i julklapp, så jäkla fin!

Theo said...

Vad kul ami. Vem det nu var som gav dig den boken i present hade bra smak! Om man får säga det själv. :-)

Tack för din snälla kommentar.

Anonymous said...

Just bought it, it's súper!
Greetings from The Netherlands,

Theo said...

Thanks Harry! I'm glad you liked the Dutch version.

Bryony said...

Nice one! This'll go on my wishlist - unless it's published in English first :)

Unknown said...

It just arrived in the mail today... It look real fun to do, so tommorow off to the wool-store for some materials and then I can start :-) Many thanks!
Christoph from Flanders

Theo said...

Hi Christoph I'm glad you think the book looks interesting and that you are inspired to do some of the things. Good luck! :)

Lotte said...

Hi Theo! I bought your book yesterday and I just couldn't sleep tonight, cause all I was thinking was 'I must get up early, I have to crochet!' Ridiculous isn't it, but I just love your book :) I'm from Holland, so I'd like to say: dankjewel!

Theo said...

Hi Lotte
I'm glad that you like my book but sorry that you weren't abel to sleep. Excitement is a good thing though, and I'm glad that you are enthusiastic over getting started with the project from the book.

Thanks for your kind word!