At work my colleagues and I are raising money for the Movember and Sons charity which works to highlight men's health issues. The challenge is for all the men to grow a mo in the month of November. All of this gave me the idea to make a crafty mo for those of you who don't have the right hair-follicle capacity - or, rather, hair-follicle capacity in the right place. 

The result is this leaflet which guides you in the process of making your own mo using some felt and some crafty skills. 

Happy Movember! 


Anonymous said...

I love it!

PUK said...

A really nice leaflet you've made!

My husband is growing a moustache for Movember as well, and he bought a support bracelet.
I might make one of your felt moustaches to feel like I'm one of the guys!

Theo said...


PUK I think that you should! Matching moustaches is a cool thing. :-) I which your husband good luck this movember.