I don't know how many potholders my grandmother made - probably millions! I understand why.  They are quick projects to make. Every single one of my mother's cupboards and drawers are full of potholders. When I was home these were the ones that stood out from the rest of them. 

I like the first one - it might become a cushion cover design. When I have some time to crochet. 


Yoko said...

wow, I just Lööööve the last one!

Bungalowgirl said...

Me too , the last one is my have as well. I think a little collection of that one in different colours would be great. mel x

Tyg och otyg said...

Om du har några fyrkantiga kan det också bli snyggt att sy fast dem intill varandra på ett bottentyg - lite som ett lapptäcke - och göra kuddfodral av.

PUK said...

Hi Theo
Thanks for the nice comment about the squirrels on my blog:)
I just ordered your book (and a couple of other crochet books) online. Really looking forward to seeing it.
Maybe some project to make for my husband?!
*-* Puk

Theo said...

Hi Annika and Mel the last potholder is cool. Very 70s. I think my gran made a couple of cushion covers in that design as well.

Tyg och otyg vilken smart ideé! Ska tänka på det nästa gång jag är hemma och tittar igenom morsans skåp.

PUK I hope Swedish and Danish crochet patterns are written similarly. If you have any problem let me know and I will try to help. I hope you like it!

PUK said...

I made a skull! Showing it off on my blog tomorrow:)
I have a question for the pattern. Should I write you an email?

Theo said...

Cool! As I said if you had any question you can drop me a line. My email is on the "About" page.