The Swedish text reads: Hi Theo! Thanks for collaborating with us and a smashing column. Here it is - finally - in its printed version. Malin.

I was asked by the Swedish magazine HEMSLĂ–JD to contribute an article about my crocheting and what it means to me. I hope that people like the column. It is such a lovely magazine that I couldn't resist giving you a quick digital browse.  


PUK said...

I'd love to read the article!

Theo said...

There are so many cool articles in this magazine if I'm not including my own. I think they upload some of the articles to their website a bit later so I'm sure you can have a read through.

PUK said...

Yes, I saw their website, and it looks cool. You can even download the magazine to your iPad. Thought about doing that. Can't remember the prize, but might try it out:)

sarapirat said...

jag med! vill lasa artikeln alltsa, man blir ju nyfiken.
skulle sa garna vilja lara mig att virka, tills dess stickar jag vidare pa otaliga projekt...

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