I get quite excited when I see that people have used my patterns and this weekend I have had some time to look at the cool things people are creating. 

Sanne over at SOM MAN VIRKAR FÅR MAN STOPPA has adapted my bow-tie to make a bow for her hair. 
PUK over at THE PUK PROJECT has done her own version of the plant-pot-mat. 
Annika over at YoKo - LITEN ANNA has made her own hat from my gentleman's hat pattern.

The best thing is that they all have adapted the patterns to suit their own personalities which is key when crocheting. It's all about the hybrids.

Cheer up Winston!


MillyMist said...

Wauw, det er godt nok nogle flotte ting folk har genfortolket.
Er også meget inspireret af dine hækleværker! Glæder mig til at se mere.

Ha' en god dag.
Hilsen Amanda Milly.

Yoko said...

Thanx for sharing!!! Love your book!

Theo said...

Hi Amanda I agree they are some really cool things that people has come up with. Good to hear that you feel inspired too.

I think I like the Danish word for crochet - hækle - better than the Swedish word - virka. It sound more authoritative somehow.

Hi Annika! No problem, I try to give credit where credit is due. :)