This weekend has been full of tying up old ends. I need to find some new ends to tie up - in a non-serial killer sort of way. I have already got 5 new ideas for books that I want to write when I've got the time. So watch out.  

Nigel Slater's Rice Pudding with Clotted Cream - it's one of the most addictive puddins in the world and so simple that even this klutz can make it. 


Isa said...

Hi Theo! I just know your blog .
I like the knitting and crochet and I love everything that you do. You are a great inspiration. Best regards... and a big Kiss from Spain

Theo said...

Oh... I like the kisses from Spain part. : )

Thanks Isa for your nice comment. I'm glad you like my humble abode.

nà from the treehouse said...

Hello there!

...fab handmade wonders, rice pudding and gardens all in one place - I'm ever so happy to have found your blog! Smiles and waves from Italy!

Theo said...

Hello Nà, thanks for the nice comment - I do like my puddings and the garden. Smiles and waves from Italy is as good as Kisses from Spain. : )