The first take of my birthday presents photos.
PHOTO 2: I'm quite proud of my typically Swedish birthday cake called Prinsesst√•rta (Princess cake). It should really be called Prinst√•rta (Prince cake) as it is for me and the fact that I made it. 
PHOTO 3: Monkey spice set and wool is from my flatmate who knows my obsession with kitschy things and wool.  
PHOTO 4-6: Birthday gift to myself - hence why the price is still on it. Nice philosophy book and blow brush for the camera. 
PHOTO 7: Knitted sock stamp. Brilliant! On my parents package there were loads of cool stamps.


Bungalowgirl said...

amazing cake- what's in all those layers? cream? pistachio? and that fabric is beautiful. Happy birthday by the way,always nice to discover a fellow aquarian. melx

Tiger said...

Grattis Theo!

Theo said...

There is strawberry conserves, custard, sponge and cream, and a layer of marzipan on top. Very Scandinavian thing to eat for your birthday. Aquarians rules! :)

Tack Tiger!