Me, my youngest sister, mom and dad in the morning before we go to our country cottage - sounds more posh then it really is - to celebrate xmas. I could have done with a nice breakfast like that today instead of my M&S yoghurt. 

My dad is not doing the Greta Garbo - "I want to be alone" - pose on purpose. I was sneaking up on him while he was working.


Makeminemidcentury said...

Yours is still the funniest blog I've ever read. Always makes me laugh.

I love the crocheted place mats, and your sister's hair, and your parents' house.

I especially loved your Dad's performance in Anna Karenina.

ameskeria said...

The placemats and the cups are so beautiful. I can see your roots just below the milk.
Why all the Swedish people eat cucumber for breakfast?
great pics Theo I want more!

Theo said...

Makemine good to hear that I am still nr 1. He was very good as Anna Karenina wasn't he. :)

Ameskeria: good question not sure why we insist with the cucumber as it is mostly water? Its lovely on a cheese sandwich.