Waffle Thursday

What is better than homemade waffles and raspberry jam - very decadent. I found a use for the saucers I bought the other week which now cheer up the baby succulents. They are teenagers really but like any parent I live in denial.


Makeminemidcentury said...

Even when they're putting a saucer under you to catch the drips when you get older, they'll always be your babies.

ameskeria said...

It looks yummi! I like raspberrys a lot. I do a Pink limonade with them that is also delicious :)

Theo said...

Makemine very true but I don't think my succulents will do that for me when I am old. Shouldn't expect too much from my houseplants.

Ameskeria I love to learn how to make your Pink limonade - still got some raspberries in the garden. We can do a recipe trade if you like.