Crocheted pants

Lovely sunny morning so I decided to take some shots of the crocheted shorts/pants I finished last week.
They are going into my crochet book that is being published in Sweden by Lind & Co next year.
Deadline is looming so better get on with some more crocheting.
Hope you all are having a nice sunny morning.


Unknown said...

Congrats with your book!
I know how much is improving but a great challenge too :) It's a real baby to come!
Good luck with all the amount of work ;)
And nice pants indeed!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Brilliant news on your book!

I hope it becomes a classic and sells heaps! I'll buy it, even though I can't crochet to save myself.

Your posts always make me laugh. I think this one made me laugh the loudest!

Theo said...


Christelle I knew you were going to like the pants as you knew what they were all along. :)

Makemine, it's def good to laugh at my post I do it all the time.

alessandra said...

Congrats for your book! Nice stripey pants, very summery!

Theo said...

Thanks la casista!

S. said...

Bravo for the book Theo !
And the pant too ! :)