Dream car

When I was walking around in north London last week I stumbled upon a graveyard of old Fiat 500 F cars. If I was ever going to get a car this would be it.

Made a pair of fingerless gloves to go with my new fantasy car.


S. said...

that pair would match perfectly the blue one for sure :)

Unknown said...

lovely pair of fingerless floves ;)

Bungalowgirl said...

I love these cars too- took a heap of photos posed next to every one I could find while last travelling in Italy. My dad still tells me how he and my mother had a fight while travelling through Europe and he had to chase a train in a Fiat Bambino to catch her and apologize. Perhaps the reason I love them too is that I may not exist if not for the humble little Fiat! melx

Theo said...

Merci Séverine et Christelle. I wanted to make the fingerless gloves with a very 60s pattern to match the car.

Such a good story Mel, makes one appreciate the little car more. It's a good thing that your mother did accept the apology as well.

Hanna said...

Thank u for finding me! Love your blog.
See u.