Crochet rib stitch

The drain is from Holloway Road and the pattern it inspired is Crochet Rib Stitch. I like its texture but it does consume quite a lot of wool.   

How to make: 
Make a multiple of 2 ch. 
Row 1: 1 tr/dc in 4th ch from the hook, 1 tr/dc in each ch to end of row. 
Row 2: 2 ch (which counts as first stitch), miss first tr/dc, *1 tr/dc around the post of next tr/dc from the front, 1 tr/dc around the post of next tr from back* repeat from * to end of row, 1 tr/dc in in top of turning ch at end. Turn.
Row to infinity and beyond: Repeat row 2 till sufficient length. 

The instruction is written in UK/US abbreviation - tr stand for treble and dc for double crochet. Click here for instruction how to make treble stitch/double crochet.


S. said...

oh i love this stitch too because of the texture and because it's elastic with a good resilience, it consume a lot but it worth it

Theo said...

I agree! Making a hat in it now which is already looking cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna make a pair of socks xD